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Hi lovies,So as you can see, there’s been a few changes & updates around here. My website crashed & I…

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  • Splash Splash we love taking some baths πŸ›πŸ˜Š // these kids are water lovers just like their mama πŸ˜‰ we spend soooo much of our time around our water in our house; whether it's baths, showers, bubble fights while washing the dishes, or just drinking lots of water. But did you know that every city’s water supply has lots of toxins that can make our bodies struggle? We recently got a @radiantlifecom whole house filtration system to filter out all the gross chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, & much more in our water. The kiddos are happy & this mama is obsessed with knowing that we are all soaking in water that is toxin free. Bonus, the water looks clearer, smells less funky, & is softer without the nasties! I love making changes that help positively affect our families wellbeing and health. There's so many toxins in the world these days, it's such a beautiful thing to come home and know that we are safe in our own home πŸ’› thank you for such a wonderful peace of mind Radiant Life 😍 #splishsplash #waterlovers #bathtime #wellness #cleanwater #radiantlife #waterfilter #healthyfamily #toxinfreehome #health #siblings #healthyhome #healthymama #happykids
  • Three generations of the girliest girls πŸ’• Swipe to see hair magic by @puraluxe ✨ // I wear my hair all natural & air dried most days; mainly because I'm too busy chasing little ones to actually do it, but also because I genuinely despise doing my hair 🀣 that girl gene skipped me completely and while I love putting on an amazing outfit and pair of heels, I'd probably rather do it with air dried hair and no make up πŸ™ˆ I digress, ANYWAYS. I've always wanted a Brazillian blowout to help me not have to do much after the shower, but I've never done it because I HATE the chemicals used in it. It's so incredibly bad for you (& your stylist). I found out about Pura Luxe and I was beyond excited to try it. It's completely non toxic & customizable. So I opted for a frizz free, smooth look to keep my natural waves when air dried, while my mom wanted to completely tame her hair and went for the more traditional straight blowout look. All in all, we both genuinely are loving our hair and the way it turned out. My hair was rough blow dried after treatment and look how perfect it turned out 😍😍😍 this girl is in love & excited to wear her hair proudly frizz free thanks to Pura Luxe πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’› #puraluxe #nontoxic #frizzfree #lovemyhair #threegenerations #threebestfriendsthatanyonecouldhave #mygirls
  • These chubby baby cuddles are giving me all the feels 😍 We didn't know it, but there was an Addie sized hole in our family before she came around. All of us couldn't be more in love with our tiny (& chunky) "baby sissy". God sure did bless us. 14 weeks of you my beautiful Adaline πŸŽ€ #14weeksold #chubbybaby #mygirl #thosecheeks #forevercuddles #mamasgirl #happybaby
  • I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hangry, I'm much better now πŸ’β€β™€οΈπŸ’š General life update: always hungry πŸ˜‹ Anyone else feel like the hangriness is real?! Especially during summertime with the kiddos running around. I feel like I never have time to stop and eat a full meal. // @drinkorgain certified organic protein and superfoods is the BEST fuel for those busy summer days (and it's also my favorite post work out snack). It's super healthy & clean protein that genuinely tastes sooo amazing (I'm a vanilla lover but the chocolate is great too). I'm loving the fact that it has over 50 superfoods in it, especially since I don't always have much time to think about food these days. We really do love all of Orgains products and use so many of them daily! Jack is so obsessed with their kids protein in the morning & I love it because I know he's getting great nutrition when he has his morning "milk". πŸ₯› Available at @drinkorgain and your local Target. #soyummy #drinkorgain #weloveit #proteinshake #adbuttrue #mealsontherun #summertime #busylifehacks #alwayshungry #fitness

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