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Hi lovies,So as you can see, there’s been a few changes & updates around here. My website crashed & I…

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  • I get it God, I hear you 💛 Last night, while giving Jack & Adaline a bath I was reminded of the hardest lesson a parent will ever have to learn. Addie was in her bath sling while Jack came running into the bathroom asking me to take his shirt off so he could get in. I looked away to pull his shirt off for maybe 3 seconds. But 3 seconds was all it took for me to look back over & see my little girl, on her stomach in the bathtub. I immediately rushed to grab her & took her straight to urgent care to make sure she was ok & no water went into her lungs. Thank the Lord, she was & is completely fine. But being a mommy, the guilt & worry doesn’t stop. I didn’t sleep because I was staring at her beautiful face, watching every breath, waiting for the other shoe to never did. Daylight hit & she is as good & perfect as can be, maybe just wondering why mama looks so tired. After thinking about it all night, I think God was using this as a way to remind me...she’s not mine. Neither of my children truly are. They are both His. They both have their own plans, their own stories written out that I don’t know about because I’m not their creator. I’m not their savior, that’s God. And I think sometimes in my controlling mom brain, I forget that. I forget to trust. I forget to let go. I forget to consult Him on things going on in their lives. I do so great putting my own life in His hands, but I forget that I need to learn to put their lives in His hands. God protected her last night in a way I’ll never be able to. God held her in a way I’m incapable of. But what a beautiful God that He does hold her when I’m incapable or “looking away”. What a lesson to learn that when I am not there for her, He is. I marinated in that all night. She is His. Jack is His. We are all loved by the same wonderful God & as I was crying in the urgent care feeling so guilty, thinking about how 3 seconds could have drastically changed my world, He reminded me that I may have looked away for 3 seconds, but He never did. He never does. He’s always there. Always present. Always protecting. Because He is our Father. What a beautiful little reminder out of such a scary moment. Thank you God 💛
  • Fall on top, Summer on the bottom...because California is seriously confused about what time of year it is 😉🍂💛
  • let’s see if blondes really do have more fun 😉💛🤔 // I wish I could share what color my hair was before this, but trust me when I say, Amber is an absolute hair magician. She took me to this color in just a few hours on Saturday and my hair is still in such amazing condition. One day, I’ll share a before/after 😉💕
  • many of you are asking about my hair color & I can tell you with about 75.2% certainty that it isn't this color 🤷‍♀️💛😜 #imsuchatease #sorryimnotsorry

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