Life is (not) a Box of Chocolates

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge health nut and organics fan. I live for finding the newest way to eat something healthy (spaghetti squash as pasta? Yes please). It’s a running joke when my hubby goes to the grocery store with me, I’m reading every label and checking it twice (I’m like the Santa clause of health foods, except your gift is your nutrition, apparently). It’s hilarious to watch him put in foods that I immediately take out (I’m really starting to think he does it on purpose). My husband is a sassy one and refuses to label check for “high fructose corn syrup”, “soy letchin”, and any of the other crazy GMOs (seriously how is it legal to feed us these disgusting things, but that’s for another post)…BUT I did get him always buying organic, so I feel I’ve partly won. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a food nazi. I have cravings and I eat In N Out every few weeks  (double double what what) because it’s amazing and I’m not THAT kind of crazy! I just like to enjoy everything in life, in moderation. And my theory is, if I can know what’s going into my body and eat healthy while I’m at home, I don’t feel as bad when I go out to eat or have to eat on the run. 

When I was pregnant, I chose to eat especially healthy, knowing I wasn’t just accountable to myself anymore…someone was eating everything I was (hello living breathing you are what you eat parable). So I knew that when my little boy was out of my belly, I wanted to continue those same good habits. I wanted to raise him to think of sugar and treats as apples, strawberries, plums, and fruits.

I chose to breastfeed so the first 6 months of his life was milk for nutrition (no mess or thinking required). After, came the big question, “what is he going to eat?” Shout out to the amazing Little Foodie Company for letting us try their amazing 21 Days To Solids plan (Jack loved it and so did I, no mess or thinking required and he loveddd trying all the different foods). Since then, my kitchen started to regularly look like something out of the Breaking Bad (minus the drugs, obviously). Pots and pans thrown about, glass food containers at the ready. It was fun, the clean up was not. I feel like sometimes I would tell my hubby I was still cooking Jacks food, so I didn’t feel guilty into having to clean the huge mess up just yet. So not fun.

In walks the Baby Brezza Glass One Step Food Maker. Now this may sound like an ad, but I promise it’s not. I just genuinely love this thing. My days are back to no mess and no thinking. Fill the tank with purified water, cut up yummies (seriously any yummies work…mixing and making concoctions is the most fun part), put cut up yummies in maker, press the “steam and blend” button and voila, delicious and nutritious baby food is made. You can also just choose to steam the food or just blend if you only need one option. Plus, it’s glass so there are no harmful chemicals and it minimizes your foods contact with plastic while you’re steaming your food (a plastic version is available for those who would rather use that). It’s sturdy and well made (there’s suction cups on the bottom of it, so when your impatient child tries to tip over the food maker, you’re all good…talking from experience). I love that I can make sure that my son is getting the nutrition he needs from amazing organic fruits and veggies without turning my kitchen into an experimental lab. It’s all in one glass bowl. So easy and the biggest help ever. Step aside Gerber (no offense to Gerber), this mama is now a certified baby Food making chef (except without a certificate).

Not to mention, my son just loves helping me with all the food prep. This kid is a nut, he loves veggies (anything from broccoli to kale) and hates fruits and anything sweet. I try so hard to make him eat apples or other yummies, but he just doesn’t love it. Instead, he will sit and suck on an organic beet stem, so hilarious.

Anyways, if you’re a mama with the want to make your child homemade healthy food…take a long look at the Baby Brezza One Step, and then run to go buy it. You’ll thank me. And so will your kitchen. And your husband.


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