Mama Bear

Way before I was close to being a mother, I just knew that I would be a mama bear. Raised by a long line of mama bears before me, it was almost as if it was in my DNA. Love fiercely, give freely, and protect the ones you love the most in this world…that’s what my mama bear taught me. Everything was more…love more, laugh more, give more, protect more, be more open, more real, more more more (can you tell I also come from a long line of codependent people?). I lived my life this way, especially with my family, but even with my close friends. I just wasn’t wired to not give something my all, so I knew that when the time came that I had children, I would obviously be that same way with them. Then my son came around.

When my son was born, something stirred in me. As I stared into his big blue eyes, I just knew that it was my job to love him through all this crazy life had to offer, to give all of myself because these moments are so fleeting, and to protect him from those who mean him harm. Mama bear status, activate. It was so hard to fathom that something so little and delicate was in mine and my husbands care. We were in charge of keeping this little guy happy, healthy, and alive!!! Here comes more stress and more anxiety, yikes (maybe more isn’t always the greatest thing).

The first few months of our sons life was the hardest. Being a new mommy, I didn’t know the ins and outs of having a little one yet. Can you break him? Does him crying mean I’m a horrible parent? Does baby poop stink and why does it looks so funny? Does he have an off button and more importantly a SLEEP button?! Giving your all is so hard when your all is sleep deprived, pooped on, and running on empty. All of a sudden more of anything seems improbable and impossible (other than more sleep, that sounds amazing but also impossible).

After you get settled into a routine and you start learning your kids, you quickly realize that there are just some things you can’t (and maybe shouldn’t) protect your kids from. You can try with all your might to prevent the bumps and bruises, but they will come (especially with active little boys who won’t sit still). Try as hard as you can, but sometimes they just need to cry it out (and by they I mean you).

Our son is 7 months old now, and things have changed so many times I don’t know how to keep up, but I do. I started out a big stress ball, worried about every little thing (Is my house clean enough? Is dinner on the table? Yes I am aware I have a newborn, but are you aware I’m Wonder Woman?! ). Now, I’m more settled in to the fact that some days (and maybe weeks, eek), my house is messy, my hairs undone, my sons clothes don’t match, and my husband has no work out shorts. But who doesn’t love a messy house with a homeless looking mother chasing around her 7 month old who looks like he was dressed by a blind woman and her hubby who at this point is just walking around in his last clean pair of boxers? You gotta love life with a baby.

So here’s to the mama bears (and papa bears) who do it all, even when doing it all means laying on the floor creating amazing memories with your child. Here’s to the hectic times, the fun times, the times we try to protect them, the times we fail. What a wonderful blessing our little baby bears are! As long as you love your child, you’re doing amazing mama.

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