Mamahood Mondays

Once upon a time you decided to have a baby. It was amazing and such a blessing. Everything in your life was enriched because of having this child. You looked more beautiful, slept more soundly, and stressed less. Oh and as a bonus, you and your spouse only grew closer and closer. All was sunshine and rainbows. HA.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that all of these things don’t happen. Children are wonderful amazing little blessings. But looking more beautiful? Tell my dark circles from lack of sleep and extra weight from carrying said minion that. Slept more soundly? It’s amazing how something so tiny can make so many noises in the middle of the night while also waking up basically every two hours because they are hungry. Stressed less? I’ve had more anxiety since I’ve had my son than I know what to do with. I’ve never been a parent before, what if I screw this thing up? I mean, I AM going to screw this thing up. Big time. But like what if I do really bad? Oh, you and your spouses relationship? It’s about as sexy and spontaneous as the nursing bra you are most definitely wearing should you choose to breastfeed (hint: that’s like grandma panties sexy).

See, they don’t tell you what happens after the baby comes. It’s not always the glamorous life you see on someone’s Instagram or in a film. There’s a reason they don’t make movies about your child’s first year of life (although I feel like that could be a pretty hilarious movie). That’s because it’s a poop filled diaper of smiles and it doesn’t always make for the best stories…or does it?

Life with a child is crazy, exhausting, blissful, wonderful, and the most amazing thing you will ever do. It’s the biggest oxymoron in history. In the ultimate act of selflessness, you learn to set yourself aside to take care of your tiny little one…while also trying to hold on to pieces of who you were before them. You can’t wait for them to reach milestones, get bigger, sit up, crawl, walk, talk…but yet you realize how beautiful these precious little moments are because life with a baby goes by so fast. Too fast. And you just want to slow it down, make it all last a little longer. 

So here’s to the mommies and the daddies that give up their lives for their kids. Here’s to the sleepless nights, the endless smiles, the deciphering of random cries, and all the anxiety that comes with being a parent. Here’s to the good times, the bad times, the times you get too upset, the times you just laugh it off. May we not take the time we have with our babies for granted. After all, they are only little once. Welcome to parenthood. Welcome to Mamahood Mondays

Can’t wait to share this journey with all of you. What do you want to hear about?


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