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Feeding my son has been one of my favorite parts of being a mom. From the beginning, I chose to breastfeed and that has worked out very well for us. At around 5 and a half months we decided to feed the beast and introduced solids. It’s been soo fun to see what Jack likes (and doesn’t like) and play around with food! 

I have always eaten pretty healthy, staying away (as best I can) from high fructose corn syrup, other crazy chemicals we can’t pronounce that are in our foods, and too much unnecessary sugar (except the bowl of organic ice cream I eat sometimes nightly). I’ve also tried to eat as organic as much as I could when I’m at home. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted my baby’s body to start out with the least amount of chemicals as possible (except the occasional In N Out craving because I mean I am human).

So I bought only organic or non-gmo everything and label checked the crap out of anything I was eating at home…not because I was watching weight (at all) but because I just really wanted to give my baby the best start to life that I could. I still had cravings and I indulged in moderation when I did, but overall we ate very well and excercised 3 or more times a week (literally my son was born 2 days after I did my last Pilates reformer work out).

Once my son was born, I knew I wanted to keep the healthy eating going. I always wanted to breast feed and that was a pretty wonderful experience from the get go (except for when it wasn’t…breastfeeding mamas know what I mean). Jack started getting more and more hungry and I just couldn’t satisfy him to the point of complete fullness (I have a little porker on my hands). We tried to wait until 6 months to feed him solids, but he wasn’t having it.

Thankfully, the amazing team at the Little Foodie Club helped us with our healthy eating agenda and sent over a 21 Days To Solids plan that was absolutely amazing. All organic veggies and fruits, switching up daily and getting your baby used to yummy goodies! He made us laugh because he absolutely loved all the veggies and hated the fruits, anything sweet he would gag at (he’s just now starting to like fruits). Somewhere in the middle of the plan Jack was still hungry so we added in organic oatmeal right before his bedtime routine that he loved (mama and daddy love too because this helped him sleep through the night, woohoo).

I’m going to be honest and say we barely used a high chair when Jack first started eating. We had one, but we didn’t love it and neither did Jack. It felt more confining and less helpful. Then, the 4moms high chair entered our lives and changed the game for us. No more feeding Jack while sitting on the floor (seriously it was hilarious but also not). Super pretty to look at and sooo easy to use. Everything is magnetic on it so it’s soo easy to put Jack in with one free hand or while he’s wiggling everywhere. It’s also got nice room in it so Jack doesn’t feel confined nor is it too big and swallow him whole. It manages to be sleek in design, but yet the perfect fit for a growing baby. The tray is at just the right spot for him to grab all his finger foods himself and feel like such a big boy. We just obsess over it. He loves it and gets sooo excited when we pull it out and we just love having it! So if you’re in the market for a high chair, this one is amazing and worth every penny.

Now, Jack is eating basically everything…organic meats, oatmeal, veggies, and fruits (whatever we eat at dinner he usually eats if we are at home). It’s been so fun now that he’s older to really see what he favors. Some of his favorites right now are bananas, avacados, and mac and cheese (he’s my kid for sure). I’m super proud to say that he hasn’t had any added sugars or chemicals at all yet (and he doesn’t mind one bit). I don’t plan on him having any until his first birthday (because a smash cake is too cute). I believe that all his healthy eating has helped him be sick less (this kid has been really sick maybe two times in his life so far) and learn to do things pretty quickly. He was rolling over, sitting up, and crawling pretty early. Maybe he’s just a smarty pants, maybe it’s from the food, maybe I’m just a nut…but either way, we love the way we eat and the way we feel.


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