That Awkward Moment

After months and months of searching, my good friend Matt couldn’t find the perfect place to have his 16th birthday party. My mom, being the sweet woman that she is, offered up our home so that he could have a few friends over for his birthday. We were so excited to host a small get together for him. It was a few days before the party and Matt called us up to go over some logistics. He also let us know that a few magazines had contacted him to cover his birthday party, so he was wondering if we had a problem with them coming, which we didn’t.

All was set up and ready to go for the party. The afternoon came and my mom, who usually helped me get ready, was busy setting up and dealing with the surprise rain, so I had to get ready by myself. Thinking only a few people would be coming, I threw in my usual headband and my usual Abercrombie gear (gotta love the early 2000’s fashion trends). Little did I know that over a hundred people would be showing up to this party and the pictures would be everywhere (and would haunt me for years to come LOL)!

So many fond memories came from this crazy party, but my absolute favorite story from this party also happens to be one of my most embarrassing stories EVER. So, please be gentle and be thankful that I am trusting ya’ll with this hilarious story.

Of the many surprise guests that showed up that day, one guest was the girlfriend of a popular actor a few years older than me that I (and basically the rest of the tween population) had a mini crush on. Now, this party was at my house and being a typical tween, I had this guys poster on the back of my door so that I could stare at it longingly or whatever (who knows why we do the things we do at that age). My room was being used as a purse room, so this gal went into my room to put her purse down and I had completely forgot about the photo on the back of my door. She looks over and starts laughing and says to me, “this is so cute” while pointing at the picture.

 I am, of course, confused and panicked all at the same time. This is literally every girls worst nightmare, especially when you are at that age where you are trying to fit in with the other kids and you don’t want them to see you as younger. This older actor I have a crush on, his girlfriend is in my room, staring at the picture of him (with hearts drawn around it I might add), and I am standing right there, horrified as she calls it “cute”. If I could melt into my walls, I would have. But then, something magical happened and I found an escape. She then looks and says, “This is Taylor’s house, right? So that means this is his sister’s bedroom? How cute that she has a little crush on my boyfriend”. Now, I would like to tell you that I fessed up and told the truth. Told her that it was my room, my photo, my stupid crush. I would like to think that I saved her from taking the fall. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

And I saw this couple around everywhere, all the time, so I couldn’t have her thinking that I had a “little girl” crush on her boyfriend. I was way to mature for that (insert eye roll here). So I looked her in the eye and said “yes, exactly” with a smile (I know I’m a horrible person). She giggled some more and looked at the other photos on the back of my door, thinking it was a little girl’s room not my tween room and then went to enjoy the party. I was absolutely mortified, but so happy I got out of the situation with (at least some) of my dignity in tact.

The rest of the party was a so much fun…a day full of rain, water fights, limbo, and a giant game of capture the flag in a park that was right next to my house. Lots of laughs and lots of frizzy hair later, I almost forgot about my embarrassing moment. Almost.

About a week later, there was a huge charity event for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. It was a fun outdoor park event (that I’m proud to report, I actually dressed up for and didn’t wear a silly headband) with a ferris wheel and lots of fun things to do, plus it was for an absolutely amazing cause. Most of the same people who were at the party were at the event (Hollywood is an incredibly small world and you usually know everyone when you go to events like that) and even more. I was with my usual group of best friends…Taylor, his sis, Victoria, her sis, Matt, and lots more.

We were having fun listening to this new band that had not quite became popular yet called “The Jonas Brother’s” (so funny looking back on that now), when this same girl comes up to us. By now, I have long forgotten the near mishap at my house because I was pretty sure I played it off pretty well and it would never ever come back to haunt me, right? Wrong. She bee lines it for us (with her adorable boyfriend by the way), looks at Taylor’s sister and goes, “look honey this is the little girl I was telling you about with the picture of you on the back of her door from the party last weekend, so cute. You two should get a picture together!”. This poor girl thought she was making some little girl with a crush’s day, when in reality, she was far too young to barely know who he was at the time let alone care. She just looked up at them, so confused. The older girl saw her confusion and reiterated, “I was at your house last weekend remember?” She looked at me with all seriousness and said “When was she at my house?” I knew right then in there if I let her talk more, my cover would be completely blown in front of everyone, including this super cute actor. SO. AWKWARD.

So I did what any logical person would do in that scenario, I rush her over to the couple and said “Oh she’s just shy she would love a picture.” They got the picture and I pretended we needed to head somewhere else, anywhere else, fast. I was beyond mortified of the entire situation. Luckily, I got out of the situation with minimal sweat stains and maximum humiliation. Who knew she would even remember being in my room?! Clearly this was a topic of conversation for the couple. Needless to say, I went home and ripped the poster off the wall and vowed never again to let myself be in that situation. I also realized that is why you never lie in a situation (even if you are only agreeing with someone else who has the wrong idea), it will ALWAYS come back to bite you in the arse.

I’d like to think I had the last laugh in the situation though. I did end up dating said dude when we were (much) older. Who was this couple and that guy? A lady never tells 😉



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