Walking on Sunshine

I watched my son attempt to walk today. His tiny hands clinging to the coffee table for dear life and his chubby little legs trying to decide if it’s safe to make a move just yet. He’s been crawling for a few weeks now (and rolling around to get where he wanted to go before that), but walking is his newest conquest. He just loves pulling himself up on anything and everything, but stops short of furniture walking just yet because his little brain is too scared to take that next step just yet.

I feel like in our lives, we aren’t so different from our tiny little tots. Sure, we know how to walk (except maybe clumsy folk like me, who trip every few steps), but we don’t always trust that we can let go of the thing that we are clinging on to for dear life. Much like our babies, we don’t always know how to take the next step. We rack our brains and try to muster up the greatest courage we can find, but we can’t help but feel safe holding onto our “coffee tables”. Sometimes we try again and again, only to find ourselves at the same crossroads. Whether it’s something to do with motherhood, your career, your personal life, relationships, past hurts, present failures…we all have a tendency to get stuck. To get scared.

I watched my son attempt to walk today, and I’ll watch him attempt to walk tomorrow because the greatest lesson I learn from my son is his resilience. His willing to never feel defeated. His want to try again, try harder. I think we can learn so much from our little thinkers, but we can especially learn how to walk. How to take the next step and not let fear win out. Because if my 8 month old little boy can teach himself (with much careful thought) to let go of the coffee table and take a step in the right direction…we can too. We can also learn to walk on sunshine.

“God will go before you, walk beside you, stand behind you. I am with you, always.” – Matthew 28:20

PS. For those asking, Jack is cruising in style in his Joovy Spoon Walker. We are absolutely in love with the ease and fun this thing brings. Jack just loves being mobile, eating in his Spoon, and using it as a boost to get in extra trouble. Gotta love when curious george pulls things off my nicely decorated, perfect baby height shelves (shout out to all the broken vases everywhere). The Joovy Spoon has seriously helped my little one have the WANT to be mobile, and it’s taught him how to put one foot in front of the other. It’s also been the BEST thing to distract him while mommy cooks dinner or (finally) gets the laundry done. Plus, it’s totally adorable and easy to clean. To say we are obsessed is an understatement, so if you have little ones…walk (or run) to go get one.



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