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This is difficult to write, even for me…someone who uses writing as an outlet to work through my innermost feelings.…

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  • Yesterday was a day of pure celebration & tragedy. It's so crazy when something bad happens on a good day. The wave and flow of changing mixed emotions, it's just so complicated and so hard. You feel like you're getting gut punched right as you're about to cross the finish line. When I woke up yesterday, I thought I would be celebrating my anniversary to my wonderful hubby all day, instead we had to say goodbye to an important person in our lives. Yesterday morning, we were in complete shock to hear the news that Justin's Grandma had passed. She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving woman I may have ever met. I've seriously never heard her utter an ill word to or about anyone. Since the moment I met her 7 years ago, she took me in and treated me like I was her granddaughter. The relationship we've had with her is one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Yesterday was also my 3rd anniversary with the love of my life. The anniversary of one of the happiest days in our lives. I'm so blessed to have him to go through all of lives ups and downs with. And yesterday was such a beautifully sad reminder of how many highs and lows that life can bring. My heart is broken, my eyes are swollen, but my spirit is smiling. This world is hard, but I know what's coming on the other side of the rainbow. I know Grandma is watching over us now, in heaven, standing arm and arm with Grandpa & the rest of her family, smiling. I love you Grandma. We will miss you. & I love you my sweet hubby. Thank you for being one of the biggest blessings that Gods given me. Thank you for being my fairytale. Here's to all that life has to offer & finding your person to go through it with πŸ’› #realtalk #wewillmissyou #ripgrandma #happyanniversary #iloveyou #highsandlows #Godisgood
  • #this_is_postpartum

This is us. This is motherhood. This is cellulite, sag, giggly, & lumpy parts that used to be tight. These are stretch marks & battle wounds reminding us that the miracle of life happened through us. This is beautiful, wonderful, amazing, funny, but crazy, scary, & deeply emotional. This is postpartum.

  • #this_is_postpartum // When I look at this picture I see beauty, love, faith & vulnerability. I see a women who has been through so much, a body that has given birth to two wonderful children. But I also see insecurities, postpartum depression & anxiety. I see eating disorders, body dysmorphia, & self doubt. The truth isn't always pretty & it is more than what you see on the outside. My truth is this; I had a panic attack before I took this picture. My journey toward self love has been a rocky one. I grew up the most confident girl you've ever met. Fast forward through teenage years, hormones, being an actress in a business that demands perfection, & a very abusive relationship...somehow I was left feeling completely unworthy & not enough. Then I had kids & for someone who focuses on her body, that was hard for me. My second pregnancy was even harder. It was hard because I lived in this environment where people glorified me for being a "small" pregnant woman. I was well into my 2nd trimester & people would tell me how wonderful it was that I didn't look pregnant. My confidence & worth became directly linked to how I looked. My internal narrative was that I was unworthy if I got bigger because people only talked about my size. Terrified to loose my self worth, my eating disorder came back. I became so focused on living up to this unrealistic expectation that others put on me. I felt like I was constantly drowning & no one could see me. See my truth isn't pretty & it certainly isn't glamorous, but it is real & raw. So this is for all the mamas who struggle with their pregnant & postpartum bodies. I know that loving our new selves is possible. I know that God loves no matter what we look like. Size, shape, skinny, fat...Gods love sees none of this, He only sees our hearts. Sharing my truth helps me to let go of the hold that Satan's had on me. So this is learning to be a little easier on yourself, learning to love yourself again. This is 7 weeks postpartum with my baby girl & 2 and a half years with my boy. This is my body now & that's ok because I AM ENOUGH. πŸ’› // for my full extremely raw story, go to my blog & go check out @kbriwilliams postpartum story next 🌼
  • So I found a literal gold mine of wonderful old pictures & I figured I would share this gem first πŸ™ˆ Trivia Tuesday ✨ We were all at Children's Hospital Los Angeles with @lollipoptheater for a screening of a movie, the people to my right are the stars of said movie. Can you name all of the actors in this photo? Bonus points if you can name the movie we were there for πŸ˜‰ you win nothing but my adoration & bragging rights but you never know, first one to correctly guess may make it into my stories 😜 // edit: that didn't take long!! Tagged the actors now. Go check my stories to see who got the answer first! Thanks for playing 😬 #triviatuesday #namethatactor #namethatmovie #weweresuchbabies #soyoung #childactors

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